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we will email your account number and transfer details to your registered email address

Your can choose your appropriate leverage from 1:100 to 1:400.

In Caveo Brokerage, the minimum amount is 250$.

You can fund via:

  • Bank transfer or direct deposit to bank account
  • Credit Cards
  • knet deposit only for Kuwait resident clients

Bank Account Details:

  1. Dollar Account:

Bank name: Ahli United Bank

Bank address: Fahad Al-Salem Street, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait

Beneficiary account: no. (Caveo): 44015171

Beneficiary name:  Caveo Brokerage Co

Beneficiary address: 129 Dasman P.O.b: 15452

 Swift Code: BKMEKWKW

 IBAN no.: KW58 BKME 0000 0000 0000 0044 0151 71

  1. Kuwaiti Dinar Account (KD):

Bank name: Ahli United Bank

 Bank address: Fahad Al-Salem Street, Al Kuwayt, Kuwait

Beneficiary account: no. (Caveo): 44015161

Beneficiary name: Caveo Brokerage Co

Beneficiary address: 129 Dasman

P.O.b: 15452

Swift Code: BKMEKWKW

IBAN no.: KW37 BKME 0000 0000 0000 0044 0151 61

You can use them in condition that your full name is written on the card to be accepted.

Often it takes  between 3 to 5 working days.

To avoid late delivery for the bank transfer to your account, please send the transfer receipt to our support team to track your bank transfer. To contact our support team, send an email to: wecare@caveo.com.kw

Maximum deposit via credit card per day is 9.885$.

You can wait 24 hours and use it again or use another credit card has the same name or use bank transfer details.

Unfortunately this is not possible, as transferring between different accounts could expose legal issues to the owners.

No any added fees when transferring to our account.

you can find all required forms by visiting the following link or contact our support team if you can’t find the requested form

Yes sure, you can change the leverage or any account information in any time through filling the related form at forms page on the following link: account forms

To withdraw you have to fill the withdraw form and specify the amount to be withdrawn and details of the recipient bank. To download the form: account forms

Withdraw process takes about 3 working days.

Withdraw costs is not exceeding  50$ at a time according to bank charges in the country the recipient country’s bank charges.

Yes you can, but we don’t recommend this for the high risk imposed by the margin call.

Sure, that’s possible through dealing room service which provided to caveo clients.

You can send the files in any appropriate form to you.

It’s our pleasure to join us, and you can know more details by contacting our technical support team.

 للسحب من الحساب يجب عليك تعبئة نموذج السحب وتحديد المبلغ المراد سحبه وبيانات البنك المستقبل للحواله.

Yes, 2% is deducted in favor of the visa provider.

No commissions are deducted for Knet deposit, only take in consideration USD exchange rate when deposit occurred.